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I’m Pamela Thomson and I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer based at Gym One in Dumbarton. I work with both men and women that are looking to improve both their physical and mental health. 

My goal is to make you fall in love with exercise so that you can meet your own personal goals. If your goal is to get stronger, change your body composition by losing fat or building muscle, to feel more confident in your own skin or stepping into the gym, or you are training for an event, I will be able to give you the tools, support and guidance you need.

I specialise in strength and functional training and offer nutrition advice which includes calorie/macro goal setting to cater individual needs. You will also be provided with your own unique program via an app that is updated weekly/monthly.

Coaching Prices

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Regular contact for support via text & phone/video call

This will only be available to client’s that have a good understanding of exercise and will entail programming via an app, nutrition advice and calorie/macro goal setting, ongoing support by text/email and/ or phone call arranged in advance and weekly check in’s

A little bit about me

I first found an interest in the gym after I had my son at age 30. After doing very little exercise and struggling with losing weight for over 10 years, I found a passion for strength training which then resulted in me becoming a full time qualified Personal Trainer. In recent years I have found a personal interest in powerlifting and have been competing at a national and world level for over 2 years.


- Laura Hawkins
- Laura Hawkins
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I have been training with Pamela for over 2 years initially focusing on weight loss and I have lost over 3 stone with her help.
She helped me massively on changing my mindset and overcome so many negative ideas to weight loss I had built up from years of being overweight and attempting several diet plans unsuccessfully. She gave me the confidence to successfully calorie count and build a better image on how I viewed myself physically and I now have a much higher self esteem and confidence in and out of the gym.
Once we started focusing on gaining strength rather than weight loss she encouraged me to get involved in powerlifting. Pamela provided me with all the knowledge, advice and support to get me started. I have now done a few competitions and managed to hit personal bests on all of my lifts.
My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to lift progressively heavier and generally push myself harder throughout each session. Pamela is always at the end of a call, text or email with any queries and questions I may have and provided me with great support to keep me motivated and progressing.
A very knowledgeable and approachable PT and if you invest your energy and time into achieving your goals and targets Pamela will most certainly invest her time and energy tailoring a programme individual to you to meet your goals and also give you the motivation to do so.
<span class="pinktext"> - Rachel Leishman </span>
- Rachel Leishman
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After having my two babies, I finally had a bit of me time available and wanted to feel healthier and more confident again.
I heard about Pamela through a mate in work and after that first session with her a year ago, I knew I had met a trainer who would get the best out of me. Pamela is a true professional, always building me up and never knocking me when I've slipped up.
Happy to switch up training to meet goals and always encouraging me to try new types of exercise.
Although our focus was strength training, we discussed goals and Pamela supported and encouraged me to try crossfit as I've always fancied it. I recently took part in my first crossfit competition and was over the moon to come joint first place.
I love the combination of training and Pamela is always looking at ways to bring in movements to support my training goals. My sessions with Pamela every week are my wee bit of time when it's all for me rather than being mum or a nurse. We always have a good laugh while getting the work done and feeling good. Even the stinky sessions are awesome and I always leave the gym feeling like I'm standing a bit taller.
I am looking forward to see how my training progresses in the next year to come!
- Kirsty Alexander
- Kirsty Alexander
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Signing up to train with Pamela is honestly one of the best things I have ever done for myself.
She has a genuine gift in being able to get you to believe in yourself and pushes you to give more each session. She educates you in each session too, with a real passion to help you to learn and gain knowledge so that you can feel confident going to the gym and training on your own - something i feared for a long time but its now one of my favourite things to do!
Pamela will create a programme that will 100% challenge you and help you get stronger, but it will also be packed with what you enjoy doing! No two clients are the same, and that's what Pamela does so well, she gets to know you, understands your capabilities (and fears!) and works to create something that will get you coming back, session after session to build strength, confidence and hopefully a new found love for the gym!
<span class="pinktext">- Amy Burns </span>
- Amy Burns
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I have been doing online coaching with Pamela for over a year now with my initial goal to lose weight.
In that time I joined a local woman's rugby team so Pamela adapted my strength training to complement my rugby training whilst still working towards my weightloss goal.
There have been some hurdles along the way. Recently I sustained a knee injury from rugby and after seeking advice from a physiotherapist, Pamela was then able to coach me through some rehab training to get me back to rugby and strength training.
Times where I have struggled to feel motivated she is always available by text/call to support me and come up with a plan to help me get back on track.


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